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Filename Cleaner

Filename Cleaner is dedicated tool for standardising your filenaming conventions. It can open all files within a directory and its subdirectories enabling bulk operations.
  • Text insertion
  • Text replacement
  • Case convention editing
  • Folder name editing

This software was written in Java using J2SDK v1.4.

JBuilder v8 was used for the GUI development.

    General Features
  • Recursive file listing of all subdirectories
  • Operate on file and directory names
    Text Replacement
  • Remove unwanted text - replace "text" with ""
  • Standardise spacer - replace "_" with " "
    Text Insertion
  • Insert custom text into filenames.
  • Tag the beginning or end of the name
    Case Conventions
  • Change all characters to upper or lower case
  • Start all words with uppercase characters

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