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Sws Architecture

WML Browser software running on the device performs the tasks of interpreting and displaying WML and running WML Script. WML provides the means for user interaction and WML Script provides methods for processing information, providing the required Client side functionality. WML Script functions are called using WML menu options and return control to the WML Browser.
Both WML and WML Script incorporate means to address a server using standard
HTTP methods so unnecessary passing of data between the two can be avoided.

Figure 1 ?? Interaction of components on the Client side of the system


2. SWS Server

The SWS Server contains all the content necessary to host the system and perform the services. The server machine requires an Internet connection and the ability to support a Servlet enabled Web Server. Servlets are used to control access to restricted content on the server and perform other services. Servlets can also access content on networked machines. The authentication and tracking of sessions with a user is performed via a connection with a database.

Figure 2 ?? Interaction of components on the Server side of the system

User Database

The user database contains a table holding usernames, passwords, home directory paths and session keys [1]. Maintenance of the database can easily be performed using common database software or command line Structured Query Language (SQL). Security is stronger if database access is restricted using a username and password. This access information is hard coded into the Servlets.

Servlets on the SWS server perform three main roles involving the database:

? Authentication

Authenticating a user is achieved by matching the username and password identifier supplied with an entry in the database. After a successful authentication a session key is used for identifying user requests and tracking a session.

? Session Tracking

A unique session key is generated randomly by a Servlet and stored as a variable in the WAP Device Browser. This session key must be included with every request made by the user so that its validity can be checked before responding. The key is stored in the user database under the appropriate user.

? Verifying Access Privileges

The home directory path of users can be used to check whether a service request address content outside the home directory. In this way different access privileges can be assigned to users and administrators.

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